Woke Supremacy - Way Worse than White Privilege and Systemic Racism

When you promote Anti-racism, you get Anti-Argument

I am a relic. I am a child of segregation and remember the marches in Memphis during the garbage strikes in 1968. I unlike many today claiming the experience of racism, was born in a black only hospital in Memphis – John Gaston hospital.

Yesterday a friend of mine asked if I saw the Grammy’s. I take it he already knew that my answer was no, so he sent me two video clips. I gave up award shows decades ago for in my purview they were merely a reflection of mindless celebrity twaddle. But being the person, I am, I watched and saw something of a pornographic depiction during prime television. Couldn’t wrap my head around it, or how this was even considered to be TV friendly given the present environment in which the Looney Tunes French skunk Pepe Le Pew is suggested to propagate the toxic masculinity of rape culture and that Dr. Seuss books are racist. But what would one expect from a collective of folk who mandate having a vagina or the color of one's skin is more important than competency for filling any job or political appointment.

Then again, maybe two black women (questionable) shaking azz surrounded by other half naked black women (questionable) twerking in cages, rubbing their puzzies together is the representation of black female empowerment as defined most likely by white feminist. Strange given that calling them women and the use of the word female reflects the patriarchy (see how dumb these arguments or anti-arguments can be.)  Things change so fast that it is difficult to take any of this emotional dissonance serious. Just a year or two back, scientific papers were published and even lauded that theorized about the “overt objectification and dehumanization of Black people“and how “Black women are sexually objectified at an interpersonal level.” Others lectured on “how racist, sexist, and classist ideologies contributed to sexual objectification experiences (SOEs) among African American women” and how “black women are more likely than white women to be sexually objectified and perceived less than fully human.”

There is so much going on in the age of woke supremacy that you cannot literally keep up. Used to be that segregation was evil, now they segregate under the progressive guise of keeping Black people safe from white people. Truth of the matter using FBI and Department of Justice data, black folk would be way (more) safer around white folk than another Black folk. I am not hating, just stating a fact, just like blacks are more likely to die from drowning, in particular kids ages 5 to 14, or a Stroke than by a white cop. But my fault, I forgot that Math is racist. This is how the anti-argument of woke supremacists functions.

All this idiocy started with the agenda of convincing US citizens that this country is the worst and most racist ever has been going on since the 1960's.  Each decade it's gotten worse.  I believe the goal is to condition people to accept extreme change.  People will accept it because they believe our present system is so hopeless and they're winning because it has substituted the significance of narrative over fact and reason. The examples are too numerous to count because the dialectic of woke supremacy is not rooted in science and ergo non-existent.

Take the recent shootings in Atlanta that targeted several message parlors. The quick take for the purpose of narration was that this action was a hate crime and that it evidenced that white supremacy was the cause of this given that the man charged killed eight people, six of which were Asians and two whites. Thus, it was easy for an unsubstituted contention – that this was confirmation of a rising tide of violence against Asian Americans (mostly Korean) based on white supremacy and the words of Donald Trump regarding a virus originally from China was why this happened. Although the record notes this man was a confirmed sex addict, who spent time in rehabilitation for sex addiction and an eye witnesses report he always talked about dealing with his sex addiction by shooting up the message parlors that (lets be honest) take advantage of illegal immigrants and turn them into prostitutes. Dude was on his way to Florida to do the same. Also, data documents that Atlanta is one of the largest hubs for adult and child trafficking. This was too reasonable and fact-based for the woke anti-argument crew. All that mattered was the color of the folk he shot and that he was white, not even to be considered was that one would think a white supremacist wouldn’t shoot two white people dead, pay to have sex with Asians in places he had visited or be motivated by a fear of a virus called something by a former President.

There is also avoiding the fact that according to the FBI and Urban Institute, Atlanta has an internal child/human sex trafficking issue, in which minors, many recruited and exploited for sex. It is estimated that around 100 adolescent girls are exploited each night in Georgia via escort services, erotic/nude massage parlors, internet-based exploitation and other avenues. The big cities presently reporting an increase in anti-Asian violence are place like Oakland, San Francisco and New York (large democrat run places where most attackers are non-white Blacks), not Atlanta. Thus, it is possible in the Atlanta shooting, race was not a factor.

Yet this is too logical for the typical woke supremacist so they double down. Once upon a time Kamala Harris was the first Asian American female senator, then became the first African American Vice President and now she over night has changed into the first Asian American Vice President to meet the narrative. The Anti-Argument woke supremacist do not and cannot self-correct for it would support the notion that facts, math, science, reason and objectivity are real, and that they could be wrong.

Sad truth is that this has been occurring since the 1980s in America. The Rev. Al Sharpton had the gumption to suggest that former President Trump inspired this wave of anti-Asian violence happening around the country. He forgets that in the 1990s he led a boycott against Korean immigrants in Brooklyn which resulted in several Korean immigrant businesses going out of business. The same was true during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots which resulted in more than 2,000 Korean-owned businesses being looted or burned (45 percent of all damages caused by the riot). As I recall, none of the police who beat Rodney King were Asian.

The woke know this, and that this is an endemic behavior exhibited by the wokiest Blacks in America. In past tweets, San Francisco school board's Vice President Alison Collins called Asian Americans as 'house n***ers' and has been asked to resign but indicates she will not. This is how woke supremacy is – be racist to others while at the same time claim to be fighting anti-Black racism and white supremacy. The lack of self-awareness is thick. Same is true for Alexi McCammond, the short-lived Teen Vogue editor. She also had to go after her tweets presenting racist tropes of Asian-Americans while in college surfaced. Prior to this, she was wokity woke-woke.

Woke supremacy is dangerous. The problem isn't that the woke want to destroy everything, the problem is that they will take everybody down with them just to divide everyone by skin color alone. Merit-based activities by their axiological nature are racist and equal white supremacy although such has been practiced around the world for centuries prior to the establishment of America. No country that punishes folk for intelligence and hard work can survive. Sad thing is the people who are the main pushers of this behavioral Fentanyl are the wealthiest of the wealthy and most privileged Blacks in America – Lebron James, Oprah Winfrey, almost every dimwit in Hollywood, Joy “homophobic” Reid and Don Lemon among others (one reason most people hate Hollywood and celebrities at this point). Nobody gives a hoot what they think. Only the woke supremacist would consider a multi-millionaire white black hybrid royal duchess oppressed. If you can't concede to this then it's off with your head.

Unfortunately, there will never be an honest media again if we do not stand and fight back. We are too far gone for words and conversations. These people have no good intentions. They want revenge. They have no problem lying to further their goals because they are disingenuous actors to begin with. If Americans aren't ready to stand up and treat these people as tyrants, then it's really going to get worse. Why? Because these people are so focused on grievances they forget to live, and pull everyone down with them. Me, I only live when I sleep, then I awake. Had no reason to become woke for I already was. The thing is with these cats is that like in a clique of cannibals, one day, it’s your azz on the plate.

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