For the Left it is about what boxes you check
A Research Brief
The Elites plan to Turn the Earth into One Massive Playground
Merry Christmas, see you next year.
Please support: Bitcoin bc1qqgm6cth8hxnwavnf3665ywe9r2avnmdx97m5cp Cashapp $tstephensphd Seems that justice may be served in the Kyle Rittenhouse case…
Racism is not a Public Health Problem: Crime, Education and Poverty Are
It has been a long time coming but last night we did it; the Atlanta Braves once again will reign as the World Champions of Baseball. It could not have…
In April of 1775, confronted by a forthcoming uprising by the U.S. colonist, British General Thomas Gage made the decision to confiscate gun powder and…
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Thought Crime-Permanently Banned from Twitter & YouTube