When Being Black is White Supremacy

The Difficulty Social Justice Warriors have noting Criminality and Evil has no Race

I hardly care about what folk say about me. I am a man and a father so call me a trick if you want, I don’t give a fck. What I do concern myself with is what is honest and righteous. I was just made aware of a march in NYC against white supremacy. These marches currently are a dime a dozen, useless and cosmetic activities that Fred Hampton or Malcom X would have never promoted. But the gesticulation of this march focused on anti-Asian American hate crime. I found this interesting because it precluded that white supremacy and xenophobia by Donald Trump was the cause, when any back person in American knows this has been an unfortunate and disgusting problem for a while – the Black and Asian American relationship, before the Rodney King riots. This is a historical fact most are afraid to tackle because it is antithetical to the standard SPLC narrative regarding the axiology of racism.

It is a sad reality that many blacks have evinced a negative disposition toward Asian Americans, especially operating stores in their community. It is stupid for me to even consider being mad at any person period, because they have the desire to work for themselves. So what, many who own cleaners, corner grocery stores or liquor stores in the Black community are Asian Americans, I applaud them especially if folk that are of my color do not open similar businesses in our own community. Race is not a material factor in this outcome, but rather hard work, desire and effort is.

The attacks we see albeit ignorant, are not due to white supremacy, but rather a multitude of factors that presently are taboo to mention for fear of being called out of name. Logic aside, there is no justification for them even if it were due to white supremacy. The problem stems from the foolish locution that proclaims black folk can’t be racist. This is the dumbest shit I have heard, and it is even promulgated by white folk of certain political persuasion and I can prove it.

In less than a third of a year in Rwanda in 1994, about 800,000 people were slaughtered by ethnic Hutu extremists. These were mostly members of the minority Tutsi community, as well as political opponents of the ruling class. These were Africans yet it still happened and yes, a form of racism. Likewise, the Turks during World War I killed nearly 1.5 million Armenians on behalf of the Ottoman Empire in 1915. These were not practitioners of white supremacy, yet it still happened and yes, a form of racism. In Belgium under the autocratic rule of Leopold II from 1865-1909, more than 10 million Congolese Africans were killed, a number more than the fanatical Hitler. And yes, the actions of both Hitler and Leopold were racist. There is also the genocide of the Mongol Dzungar people, at the hands of the Qing dynasty in the 1750s, and yes this is a form of racism too.

Now why do I say this? Well, racism can be practiced by anyone. The democrat segregationist of the 1960s in the U.S. are just as racist as Blacks in the 1990s who degraded Asians and Indian business proprietors operating in the black community. Racism is evil and evil has no color, height, weight class or sexual orientation. Now back to the point of order.

These attacks on Asian Americans are senseless and can only be stopped when all people acknowledge the truism that it is not about race but rather criminality. Sure, most are carried out by blacks, but albeit a racist foundation, most of this is pure criminal behavior. Chances are these same folks would do the same to anyone regardless of race. But I would be remiss if I did not opine that hate and racism as an enabling factor has some merit. Fact is the majority of the recent attacks have been committed by black men and last I read blacks can’t be white supremist unless you some dumb academic chick bloviating on make believe to sound self-important by creating terms like “Multiracial Whiteness.”  This is ridiculous because white nationalism (the sickness it is) has literally nothing to do with elderly Asians getting attacked exclusively by black males across the country.  When 64-year-old Rongshi Chen was grabbed by two men who threw him to the ground, kicked in his ribs, broke his collarbone and robbed him, fact is both were criminals and black. Same can be said for 20-year-old Lavonte Drummer and 19-year-old Dominic Davis for the death of Tian Sheng Yu, who was assaulted in broad daylight in downtown Oakland and died from his injuries. Then there is 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee, a Thai man who was shoved to the ground and died from his injuries. Again, these were black men who committed these acts, but their criminality and evil nature was more important than the color of their skin in these events. So how about this, lets end this idiocy and stop making everything about race? True, across the nation the current wave of anti-Asian violence is close to 100% Black on Asian. But this is a crime problem more than a race problem. These men do not represent most blacks, but they do represent most criminals regardless of race. This has nothing to do with Donald Trump or white nationalism but more so a system that has used the media to manipulate and divide based on anything convenient.

To end this, all people must call this and all evil out. Unfortunately folk don’t want to call out the black people responsible for these attacks mostly because of the BLM movement. Moreover, their logic is that by linking this to white nationalism, they  can claim the system manipulates Asian and Black communities to the point of violence thus clearing the authentic murderer and put the blame on society in the name of “white supremacy.” This is how dumb shit works. As I stated earlier, this is a distressed effort at hiding the very real gulfs and enmity within different minority communities that have existed for a long time, and trying to reframe it as white people bad, because that is the only way cultural Marxists understand conflict. Again, this is essential because if we focused on the criminality, people would not see race as the tangible issue, rather the behavior: and this act of rationality is the antithesis of social justice objectives, which serve to divide and separate rather than unify.

As a white non-White supremacist, I want for all the black White supremacists, to refrain from killing each other in Black white supremacists strongholds like Baltimore, Memphis and Chicago to end Black White national supremacists murders between black males. I would also like to see white progressives stop suggesting that Asians (like in Washington state) are not persons of color. But seems it is now the case that white nationalism is to blame for anyone of any race who attacks anyone of any race. This is what was suggested when 61-year-old Noel Quintana slashed across his face.

Be honest, the left desires and is inciting a race war. Why? I don’t know but I can suggest that by their logic, as one social media user stated: ‘if you are white, you will always be guilty of "whiteness" and if you are any other race, you are guilty of "whiteness" if you do bad things. Whiteness is an acquired moral category for other races but an innate characteristic of white people.’

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