The Cult of Cancel is After Us

Eliminating the speech before eliminating the speaker.

A wise man once said: “In reality they’re not after me, they after you … I’m just in the way.” Over the past few months, I have thought of this frequently. Not in some elaborate axiomatic way but rather a simplistic comportment that seems to rise above politics and any secondary or assorted social affiliation. Its kind of reminds me of something economist Thomas Sowell said: "As history has also shown, especially in the twentieth century, one of the first things an ideologue will do after achieving absolute power is kill."

Now I have no fear of anything except for being unable to provide for my kids and keeping meat in my freezers. Honestly, I am just a regular cat that thinks out loud and dares to put it in print. But I would be extremely dishonest if I did not present my personal observation that cancel culture is destructive and that the language in critical race theory is genocidal. And as an observation, it is apolitical. Reckon the way I see it, if words are violence and silence is violence then violence is violence meaning the least common denominator lingering to assert is that existence is violence.

Now bear with me, for as they say in the streets – anyone can get it. What the former President insinuated was a truism documented consistently throughout history – that without buffers or barriers in place, if someone wants smoke, they will bring it to you, just be prepared. The truth is (if Hitler, Stalin or  Polpot can be employed as examples) that if one can openly approve of folk calling everyone Nazis, then it can become acceptable lexicon in word or deed, then basically it becomes a means of asking social permission to eventually use violence. As it stands, the premise of cancel culture which has been accepted purports that people who are willing to murder words, speech, science, truth, and logic, will have not a single problem murdering those who speak it or anything they argue against.

Heinrich Heine was right. Those who burn books today have no problem burning bodies tomorrow. “Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.” I know this may sound extreme but anyone who has read up on the advent of totalitarian regimes know this as historical fact. Again, this is apolitical because anyone can get caught up in the riptide of stupidity if they have in a cursory or indolently fashion paid attention to logged history – they know that a man misguided is capable of anything.

This is not a protective façade in veneration of President Trump. Yes, I voted for him on policy grounds alone, but I vote policy, not personality. Fact is a multitude of folk hate me, yet still they respect me. Words do not and will never melt me. The reality is being able to discern such is a skill currently lacking among most. Those seeking to solidify power purport today that militia groups seek to attack the nations capitol. This is not documented and most likely is contrived and a falsehood. However, this is suggested to be designed to singularly attack individuals that they consider are racist bigots who support the former president. I suggest otherwise. This is not about Trump voters, rather it is about you and me. They don’t care about who voted for whom, they just care about power. This is an attack on all. Dr. Seuss is just one example. You think if the (supposedly) negative images in his books have hurt, oppressed or damaged suggested marginalized communities, then they can easily make you believe that music videos of Pooh Shiesty, Lil Dirk, Big 30 or any basic drill rapper do the same and can be banned. From their position, you and I are too stupid to filter information or even decide what we want to read or watch. Yes, they are coming after all of us. They are after our liberty and freedom – they desire omnipotent control. Why burn a book or request cable distribution syndicates to stop showing certain TV shows when one can ban a book or stop it from being published or prevent it from being available on internet platforms is easier to do? This would be on full throttle if they could do so, only thing that is holding them back is that we are armed and Biden is trying to take care of that.

The language that the left has been using is the same language that precedes genocide and that they have been using for twenty years now. Any student of history knows that this is entirely accurate. Take away weapons, then mass murder is the end game. They have been murdering babies for decades, so this is nothing for them. Hitler, Stalin, Polpot, or whom ever, didn’t start right out of the gates mass-murdering people – it took them years, even decades, to get to that point.  Oppression was slow to start, seemingly benign, but even going an inch at a time will become a mile. G.K. Chesterton stated: “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” This was true then and even recognized by Josef Stalin who said “ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

We have all heard the statement "he must kill your name before he kills you." This is cancel culture. Therefore, all accusations lead to the ridiculous label (of which they will not admit) of thought crime. The trouble with being accused of thought crime, is that it is impossible to prove innocence.  A person who has harmed no one and destroyed nothing is presumed worthy of the death penalty NOT for being what they are accused of, but for being accused of it. The sad part is I don’t think anyone will listen to this. Some will do what they can to prevent it. But everyone else who doesn’t will be the lambs led to slaughter. Totalitarianism, whether Nazi or socialist, starts with demanding conformity to ideas and concludes logically with concentration camps -- that is, mass murder. "Cancel Culture" sounds eerily like "Cultural Revolution", and we know what happened there, and is still happening.  So, don’t sleep, they start with one group to target and eventually we all end up in the corral.

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