Major League Baseball Practices Jim Crow to Fight Jim Crow

Unless you have been under a rock, you may have heard of major league baseball moving the all-star game from Atlanta, Georgia due to alleged racism to Coors Field in Denver. The reason was supposedly because the new Georgia Voter codification and integrity law was reminiscent of Jim Crow laws let Joe Biden tell it. Now I have written about my disdain for using Jim Crow as term to suggest racism at every turn and how the Georgia law expands voting access as opposed to restricting it.

On the surface simple virtue signaling is fine for the myopic and poorly read. But once you get down in the weeds and muck, one can see how fabricated and false the narrative proposed by mainstream media and MLB is. Georgia as a state is 31.9% Black or African American compared to Colorado which is 4.6% Black or African American. Atlanta is 50.95% Black or African American compared to Denver which is 10.2% Black or African American. I do not see how this is perceived as a statement in support of Blacks anywhere in the nation when one removes the economic opportunity for empowerment to a place where there are few Blacks in reference to the general population. Even when we look at Black owned businesses, Denver has less than 500 compared to Atlanta which has more than 25,000.

It is evident that the move by MLB to relocate the Allstar game from Atlanta to Denver does more to hurt black folk than to help and actually insures that white businesses benefit more from the economic impact of the game by moving it from Atlanta to Denver. The sad thing is that they are using the fake notion of voting restriction as an excuse. The fact is that Georgia and Colorado both require ID to vote but Georgia has 17 days of early voting compared to 15 days for Colorado. This makes no logical sense – moving the Allstar game for supposedly restricting the opportunity to vote to a place with less opportunity to vote.

I cannot say why there was outrage to the Georgia law outside of the misleading and outright lies promulgated about the law. I can go out on a ledge and say I doubt anyone, especially baseball players read SB202, I mean they do not read their own contracts which is one reason large percentage of Major League Baseball players are either bankrupt or are under financial stress within two years of retirement. Now some would suggest that in Colorado they mail every resident a ballot whereas in Georgia they do not. However, this is incorrect for in Colorado they only send a ballot to registered voters.

What MLB has done is basically moved a $100 million business opportunity from a city where 51% of the population is black to a city with 21,000 fewer black businesses. This is the personification of practicing Jim Crow to fight Jim Crow. This was not a sincere action by MLB or the hierarchy of the organization for if it was Commissioner Rob Manfred wout give up his membership at the Augusta National Golf Club to protest Georgia’s controversial new voting law – but he won’t.

This is all about ID. One needs ID for the right of assembly for permits to hold protests or rallies in a public space under certain circumstances. This process varies based on the city, but requires some paperwork by the organizers. This is about ID so illegal immigrants can vote. What’s the big deal? One needs ID to receive welfare benefits albeit there is no constitutional right to welfare benefits, the Supreme Court held in the case of Goldberg v. Kelly that welfare recipients are entitled to due process with a hearing before benefits can be terminated. Nevertheless, several states require some type of proof of identity to collect welfare. You need ID to register to buy a gun as noted in the landmark Heller Supreme Court decision that determined every American has the right to bear arms, yet it still requires residents to show ID. This is also true for the right to marry and for obtaining a marriage license as indicated under the 1967 Loving v. Virginia ruling by the Supreme Court, asserting that marriage is a fundamental right.

Another reality is related to the practice of historic Jim Crow and the real economic ramifications it promoted. Jim Crow laws sustained black economic dependency, and as a result tested white supremacy. In totality, Jim Crow constrained economic potentials and success for Black families so that the ruling middle and upper-class democrat whites could keep power. To keep it real, this is what MLB is doing now by this change of venues for the all-star game. This move is not to benefit Blacks rather is designed to indebt Blacks to the liberal economic policies of servitude. They are designed for Blacks to beg progressives for a handout: for an empowered person who is economically stable and self-sufficient is their worse nightmare, regardless of race but for Blacks in particular. Unfortunately the average Black person can't see this and are too busy to read the bill themselves to recognize this. If they go on record and say it is due to requiring an ID to vote, then say it and at the same time explain why I need an ID to pick up tickets I purchase for Brave games online. If you read SB202 you would see that it expands voting and doesn’t restrict it and has more of an expanded opportunity to vote that 46 states in the union. MLB done fckd up. When you treat Black folk like tricks to obviate our ability to clock some dough, you show you are not our friend but rather our enemy and basic proponents of Jim Crow.

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