HR 1

Restore faith in the American election system translated is making it easier to rig an election

If the local bookie, Al Capone or Meyer Lansky wanted to stay in control in perpetuity, a bill like HR 1 would have done them justice. Just replace the words voting or the vote with gambling or betting or bets, and they would be living large. Encapsulated in 791 pages, HR 1 is sated with progressive desires never manifested before politically. Automatically registering folk to vote, enabling voters to register online and curbing efforts to purge voter rolls of those who are sedentary or distrusted of being illegitimate, this bill will change the legitimacy of election protocols for ever. Voting by mail would become universal, as equally 15 days of early voting, wherever imaginable. One could even be able to let people without identification cast ballots.  

As a bill, it drastically increases everything that made people lose their faith in the first place by making it easier than ever to rig an election. Anyone with half a brain can see what they’re up to here. They’re setting the table in such a way where a conservative will never win again.  It is impossible to restore faith in the American election system with no security or cops or borders in place. In fact, this is literally the OPPOSITE of restoring faith in our elections. Fair Elections will never be a thing again if this pass. In addition, it allows for illegal aliens, 16-year old’s, and felons to vote as well as mail-in voting. Giving the right to vote to illegals, banning IDs or any form of election security and promoting the harvest the votes is equal to the definition of corruption.

Anytime any politician anywhere says they need to “update democracy,” you can bet they are just trying to make the rules work in their favor, so they have more power. If liberal progressive democrats really believed they could win legitimately they would've tightened up security years ago. I mean, we were always provided with a false choice between two candidates to give the illusion that it mattered anyway. They were unprepared for Trump's win in 2016, and this bill will ensure that it never happens again. The Constitution clearly states that the States handle their own elections. How is this bill remotely constitutional? How can a bill like this even reach the House and/or Senate floor? More importantly, why would the progressives insist on passing this bill when they said there was no voter fraud?

I have even more questions.  Why is this even necessary?  I was told that this was the most secure election in history. Voting was never intended to be a universal right and for good reason.  Imagine if they treated the 2nd amendment like they treat the “right” to vote.  If you don’t need an ID to vote, you certainly don’t need an ID to buy a gun. Both are rights so the requirements should be the same.  The Constitution is supposed to treat things fairly, lets treat gun ownership the same way they treat HR-1. Pay for everyone to own at least 1 firearm. Ensure people who don't want firearms get firearms anyways, bribe them to take the gun if need be. Give ex-cons all firearms. Give 16-year old’s firearms. Remove any kind of background check and remove any kind of penalty associated with any kind of gun crime.

Albeit possibly incorrect, in my opinion it seems that HR1 is a way of making this prior election become every election and thus ensuring that playing dirty becomes way more conceivable and practical. Democrat irony at work yet again. This does anything but increase election integrity. It encourages competition in corruption.  Countries far less modernized than ours that use fingerprints to vote, have more secure elections than we do.

Cats should ask, how can people support this? If there are people who are too bungling or languid to get an ID, why would they ever make the effort to vote anyways? I understand that some people for various reasons cannot go actually vote, which is why absentee voting is perfectly fine, as long as there is proper examination and procedures in place to secure ballot. There is absolutely no reason to be in favor of this other than supporting fraud. People who believe that it has anything to do with voter suppression are complete fools.

True, and I agree that early in person voting is a good thing and that in person voting is far more secure than anything else we do at the moment. I'm OK with requiring voter ID as long as all states that require it provide a basic ID valid for voting for free. That means no voter infringement because you can obtain an ID even if your broke and no poll taxes are required. Such would preemptively cancels out the voter disenfranchisement argument they used to end the voter ID laws. The main thing I would like to see done is open source secured voting software that can be run on standard hardware. Our government throws money everywhere, we can cut some foreign aid and pay some programmers to make the software and maintain it, then since it is open source we can give away the hardware and install disks to secure all other elections. Using block Chain style security you could make a unique set of data that would be tamper resistant and could be stored for investigation. This coupled with physical security should make an election way harder to rig.

But this is common sense not to mention although it is asserted that there never was any evidence of election fraud in 2020, this legislation basically would legalize all the illegal behavior we have been informed never and absolutely didn't occur this past November. It’s interesting, that if there are so many people that can’t get an ID, but you need ID for cigarettes, alcohol, getting a cell phone, public assistance, boarding a plane and a million other things then where are all the stories about those suffering under such tyranny? If someone is too stupid to figure out how to get an ID, which is essentially a requirement whenever they leave their home, then they are probably too stupid to select the leader of our country.

HR 1 will literally ensure that we live under a one-party state under the guise of restoring “people's faith in elections." These folk are something else. The name “For the People” instantly tells me it’s not “For the People” because if it was it wouldn’t need to be called that. In simple terms they are just saying we must protect our nation, by making sure there's one party rule and that Biden is not looking good, so we got to rig it unashamedly now. Every time a bill is framed around "protecting" minorities you can be sure something shady is going on. This is what tyranny of the majority looks like. There is something very wrong if you can pass laws as a party without a single vote from your counterparts. This is how the civil war started, different topics, but once the entire country separated on party lines it became a long slow spiral of miss-representation.

So, Pelosi just made cheating, lying and stealing votes a legalized action. Change the rules, there now it's not cheating anymore. As I stated, the Constitution clearly mandates that each state's state legislatures determine rules for voting, not the Federal Government. The liberals love to circumvent the Constitution through legislation rather than amendment. Nothing more than keeping themselves rich and elite while keeping the rest of us serfs ad infinitum. If this passes the Senate I may never vote again in any election. It’s not worth it if they can control the game.

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