Ghetto Studies and the Wokegensia

How white liberals get rich dumbing down Blacks in America

One thing about the liberal progress academic is that you can always find an intellectual to say exactly what you need them to say, notwithstanding of how thoughtless it is. This is par for the course currently, especially with things that have little if any status in the lives of regular Americans. Strangely, this is a calculated hypocrisy frequently presented by those in fields of reduced value in academics like gender and race studies through a language of identity politics that is designed to teach racism.

The reality is that systemic racism isn’t a problem in American society. Sure, racist exist but they are not most of the nation.  The people you see attacking orthodox Jews in New York are not most of the nation nor are the people we see attacking Americans of Asian origin are not most of the country. Unfortunately, the focus on contrived and incessant racism, bigotry, transphobia and Islamophobia is big business and one can make a hefty penny concentrating on the divisive and culturally destructive Marxist tenants of diversity, inclusion, and equity. As such, in order to stay ahead of the curve everything, you see, regardless of epoch or era must, in some form of fashion be reduced to something destructive and bigoted if it is or isn’t.

Mind you these the same cats that say follow the math and science yet refuses to concede that men and women are different, promote that if a man thinks he's a woman, he can be a woman, and falsely claim that an unborn baby isn't alive. Likewise, the science is cool unless it says we can open the schools. These folk only believe the science it wants to.

For example, recently a writer at Vox, without scientific attestation or even antidotal support, asserted that figure skating was both sexist and racist. The author even went so far to seek the input from a professor of kinesiology at Queen’s University named Mary Louise Adams and the author of Artistic Impressions: Figure Skating, Masculinity, and the Limits of Sport. Evolving in the UK who added: “The skating that turned into figure skating over a couple of centuries really does have roots among elite white European men.” Now correct me if I am wrong, but is it not possible that climate and the frequency of harsh winter climates may have a factor in the likelihood of people participating in skating? The data notes that snow fall, and sub-frigid freezing is rare in Africa. I truly doubt that this has to do with the fact that Africans are blacks and whites in Europe (and Asians in Asia), want to keep all the snow and ice for themselves to become more proficient in ice skating. But that is just me. All of this is just a means to make unfounded justifications for looking at Black folk in America as pathetic helpless victims unable to survive without the knowledge of “I know best” white progressives. They want black kids dumbed down in school.

This is not the only example of fake scholarship being employed to confirm the nonexistent and implement damage on the Black community. In Oregon, the Department of Education is urging teachers to register for training in what they called “ethnomathematics.” The reason being is that out of the blue they “feel (without research or proof)” that White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer in Math. This is based on their premise that amidst a pandemic, importance should be placed on “dismantling racism in mathematics” rather than teaching skills that make black students competent in Math. More dumb shit for lack of a better descriptor. Now correct me if I am wrong, if math is so racist, why do more half of Asians/Pacific Islanders (52%) scored at or above the proficient level in math in the United States? The results from the 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), from 2015, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. According to the most recent data, the US is behind China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and ranks 37th in proficiency in Math globally.

The progressive liberal academic is a heretic – an unprincipled person who as George Orwell described in Animal Farm, thinks that some animals are more equal than others. They know what is best for all and as such, all should think like them, be forced to think like them or be censored if one thinks or dares to state otherwise. Thus, in their purview, even the ridiculous becomes sane. Even if it means asserting that math, objectivity and science are inherently racist.  The Seattle school district believes this, that math is a representation of white privilege and structural racism. Why, for no other reason than the Oregon department of education does – that showing your work and coming to the correct solution is something black students can’t do. Albeit, most of what we know of the origins of Math originated in Africa. The oldest mathematical artifact known to modern man is the Lebombo bone from 35,000 years ago found in the Lebombo Mountains near Swaziland. There is also the Ishango bone found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and dated back 20,000 years and the Moscow Papyrus dated back to 13th dynasty Kemet (Egypt). Honestly, the earliest known history of geometry and calculation has been documented to have occurred and started in Africa. Tens of thousands of years ago Africans throughout the continent were using geometry, Algebra and numbers in their daily lives. Euclid, the famous mathematician was born in Africa, died in Africa and never left Africa a day in his life. The Dogon of Mali astronomical math on Sirius confirmed it was a binary system (a system consisting of two stars, Sirius A and Sirius B); and that Sirius B revolves around Sirius A with an elliptical orbit and over a period corresponding to 50 years; and the most disconcerting discovery was that the Dogon knew the exact position of Sirius A within the ellipse. The Yoruba from present-day Nigeria created their own complex counting system based on units of 20 (instead of 10).

Now this is historical information readily available to all, even the sophist of the coastal university Wokegensia, but for them history is also systemically racist. Not to mention research isn’t their cup of tea – pontification is. Take the San Francisco School Board. They formed a School Names Advisory Committee that avoided the use of history all together. They are committed “to undoing symbols of racism and white supremacy culture” as School Board President Gabriela Lopez explained but one of the 44 schools targeted named after James Russell Lowell,  was said by one committee member that “he did not want Black people to vote” when a scholarly biography notes that the he “unequivocally advocated giving the ballot to the recently freed slaves.” Another said that Paul Revere was responsible for the conquest of the Penobscot Indians, which he was never was a part of. I could go on, but you get the point. Sadly these racist tricks would rather focus on school names than the fact that scores among black students in the district show only 19 percent of blacks passed the state test in reading, compared to 31 percent of black students statewide. But no biggie, on the real they don't give a fuck. Fred Hampton wrote and spoke on this as a Black Panther before his murder, suggesting that cosmetic overtures to the black community do not impart actual change.

It is evident that the people I speak off do not care about Black people. They think we are helpless and stupid. They prefer social promotion in schools over merit. They prefer we stay trapped in schools that do not prepare us to compete with the global population because they think we are dumb. They are the new age progressive reengaging the beliefs of Margret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson. They say the care and repeat empty slogans like black lives matter but will call the police on you if you ask them to put their dog on a chain in Central park or clutch their purse on an elevator when a Black man enters. They live in communities as homogeneous as whole milk and send their kids to private schools while at the same time denying blacks school choice.

I beg, teach your kids to seek the best teacher. If they are gay, black, Asian or white so be it. Just the best. Because if we allow this bevy of intellectuals to train us to accept lower standards of performance as blacks, not only do we suffer and fail, America suffers and fail. Why? Because the rest of the world understands profiency, skill and merit are more valuable than feelings, emotions or immutable characteristics like sexual orientation or skin color in the valuation of performance and competency. At the end of the day, men are not women, the sun is not the moon and day is not night and that's a fact jack. They know this, but they also know as long as this continues, non thinking illiterates, in particular blacks, make them rich and we just get poorer.

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